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The Best Collection of Affordable, Luxury Watches for Men
The Best Collection of Affordable, Luxury Watches for Men
The Best Collection of Affordable, Luxury Watches for Men


Posted on February 01 2018


Check out our New Viking Rewards Program!

Hi, Vikings!

We wanted to let you know that we have started a new rewards program for 2018. Viking Rewards is now active on our website.

Here are the benefits to you of this new program!

  • Now you can set up an account at for easier and faster ordering and earning of points for discounts on future purchases.
    1. Go to the blue launcher that says “Viking Rewards” at the lower left of the screen to start this:

 Desktop View:


Mobile View:


When you create your account you automatically earn sign up points and you will be entered into the Viking Rewards Program to be able to earn more Viking Points that equate to discount coupons for future purchases!

Earn points for these activities: 

1. Setting up the account and signing up for Viking Rewards – 500 pts

2. Watch and accessory purchases when signed into your account – 10 pts per dollar spent (except on shipping costs) – so an $85 watch purchase would earn you 850 pts

3. Liking our Facebook Page at – 250 pts

4. Doing a Share on Facebook of any of our Facebook posts or ads – 150 pts

5. Following our Instagram page at – 250 pts

6. Submitting a review on your watch at at the product page in the Customer Reviews section where it says “Write a Review” – 500 pts

7. Celebrating your birthday (if you entered that at signup) – 500 pts

8. Referring a friend to – 1500 points 

Just complete the actions in the list and check it off and you will earn the points!

Points are then redeemable for discount coupon codes – each 1000 pts are worth $10, so you can see if you did all of the actions listed above, you would earn over 4000 points which would be worth $40 in coupons!

These coupons are also combinable with red-tag sale prices online by adding the coupon code in the box at checkout. But note, just one coupon can apply per checkout so save up for your biggest savings!

The points are tracked in your online account with us which you access by clicking on the Viking Rewards blue launcher bar in the bottom left of our website page (note: on your mobile you can click the X to minimize this launcher until you would need it).

You will also receive email confirmations of each of your points earning activities and coupon redemptions so you can track those yourself.

So you can see, this program rewards our repeat customers and collectors by allowing you to accumulate points for future purchases, and the points are always there in your account at !

In addition, members of Viking Rewards will be given early notice of special offers, increased discounts than available to the general public, etc. So being a member pays!

We hope you’ll check out the new program now by visiting the website and signing up!

Conquer your time – Be a Viking!


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