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The Best Collection of Affordable, Luxury Watches for Men
The Best Collection of Affordable, Luxury Watches for Men
The Best Collection of Affordable, Luxury Watches for Men

Leather watch strap, rubber or metal?

Posted on July 04 2018


Choosing the appropriate watch band can make a huge difference in the comfort and appearance of your watch. Thankfully today, if you love the face of a watch but not the watch band attached to it, you can replace it with the watch band of your choice.

There are three broad types of watch bands - Sport, Leather and Metal watch bands and Viking Watch offers models in all categories – see the links or photos in this article for examples. But when choosing a watch band from these numerous options, do not decide solely based on looks in the photos, as although the band or strap will have a striking effect on the watch's appearance, functionality plays a major role also.

Sport bands made of rubber or nylon are for those with an active lifestyle due to their durability and light-weight respectively. These will resist the effects of water, sweat and dirt the best. The Chrono Sport (rubber) and The Garrison (nylon) are good examples on quartz watches or see the entire sport band collection.  Innovative combinations are also available, as shown here on The New World which combines a rubber band on an Automatic watch,


and shown below is The Viking’s Desire which has a deployment clasp on a rubber band for easy on and off.


Leather watch bands are more aesthetic with a luxurious looking texture and will generally be the most comfortable on your wrist. Upgraded, thicker leather bands will wear the best – The ICON family or the Viking Premier collection have these. This band on The Silver Ice is a great example of these in cowhide leather:


For an upscale or stylish look, you can also choose watch bands which are embossed with exotic patterns such as alligator, lizard or sting ray. See an example in The Huntsman shown here or peruse the entire leather band collection for these.



Metal bands come in traditional link styles (see The Gatsby or The Blue Ocean), and also thick chain link (see The Chain Mail replacement band) or fashionable thin metal mesh styles now (see The Vinland). The feel of the cool metal on the wrist is always appealing and the feel of the weight of these watches is pleasing to many men. Viking Watch offers models with these different types of bands in the metal band collection and also offers replacement bands to switch from a link to a chain version - an example shown here is The Heirloom Edition with its standard link bracelet shown above and a replacement mesh bracelet below:

Also shown here on The Gatsby with both styles of bands on owners’ wrists:



Further considerations include:

  • Leather can show signs of wear after heavy use and may need to be replaced. Some people also stay away from leather for religious reasons.
  • Metal bands can irritate the skin of some people. Most bands today are created from stainless steel but versions made from alloys can react to skin perspiration. Although true luxury watches can be created out of gold, titanium or silver the cost is prohibitive to most for these bands.
  • Check the measurements and ensure that the fit is perfect if you want the watch band to last longer.
      • Leather bands will have buckles or deployment clasps that adjust easily into the buckle holes. These clasps are great for easy on and easy off.
      • Metal straps which for the most part should be fitted by including or subtracting links. Chain bands generally have sliding clasps that can be moved by releasing the clasp and then pressing it back down after adjustment.


Consider the three C’s of comfort, color and cost as noted below to make sure you make the right decision:

  • Although most people go by appearance, it is the comfort that is more important in a watch band. Those who have a sensitive skin should opt for a leather band against a metal one to avoid itching and irritation. Though leather bands last longer, they can cause discomfort if they get wet. Nylon bands are better both ways - they are comfortable as well as not being a problem when they are wet.
  • If you prefer a colored watch band, you can find color choices that are more diverse in nylon since some find the colors in leather limited at black, brown and tan.
  • Finally, keep the cost in mind before choosing a watch band. While nylon bands are generally less expensive than leather or metal, you should look at all other factors like size, style, comfort, and choice of color and choose the one that fits your budget requirements


Watches can look amazing with any given strap. However, the look and feel can be drastically different based on the band type you select, so choose the most appropriate watch band for your lifestyle.  A careful consideration and study of watch bands based on the factors mentioned above will most definitely help you choose the perfect watch band for yourself!

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