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The Best Collection of Affordable, Luxury Watches for Men
The Best Collection of Affordable, Luxury Watches for Men
The Best Collection of Affordable, Luxury Watches for Men

Square Watch Dial or Round Dial?

Posted on July 02 2018

When looking at men’s watches, there are many aspects to choose from – brand, features, band and movement being among them. But the dial is the most important part in a watch as that is what sits on the wrist and is the eye-catching feature. Other features like the band can be changed, but the dial is the core of any watch. Watches are designed in different ways, it is therefore one’s duty to choose the look that best suits your style.

The two main designs of fashion watches are round-faced and square-faced. Round-faced watches are more common than square-faced, most probably because of psychological reasons - that is people’s semantic notion of what a watch should look like and even children are used to seeing them. Square watches are unusual and therefore more distinctive.

A square-faced watch often sits better on the wrist and more comfortably aligns with the strap. It is designed to create more surface area which gives a watch maker more room for functional and design features. The geometry of this design also looks pleasing to the eye.

This is the Icon Classic, a modern and durable square design in a men’s quartz watch.

There are not many differences between the square and round-shaped watches in terms of functionality. What is very important is that your watch should be big and in the center of your arm to allow for maximum viewing by you and others.

Round watches are very popular and make up 80 percent of the watches that are on sale, thereby making the square face watches more eye-catching in the market. Good examples the well known Cartier Tank models and Longines classic watches.

Viking Watch has a tank-style watch for sale called the Napoli Coast seen here in Black and White versions, both with distinctive blue hands:

Both round and a square shaped watches have a function. They perform the same work. What varies is people’s preferences in terms of their look, their personal style and how they like to be seen.

Viking Watch always tries to maintain the best collection of Affordable, Luxury watches and highlights its special square face watches here: Square Face Collection

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  • Jacob Grant: July 05, 2018

    I would say thanks for written and share this amazingly written blog with us. I used round watches which I always purchased from watchpartners.com.au. So, according to me, round watches are the best compared to square one.

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