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The Best Collection of Affordable, Luxury Watches for Men
The Best Collection of Affordable, Luxury Watches for Men
The Best Collection of Affordable, Luxury Watches for Men

Buying A Luxury Watch For Yourself

Posted on July 08 2018

In the same way as other accessories, watches have a function, yet they additionally create an impression about the person who wears it. When we are talking expensive luxury watches, these can cost the buyer many thousands of dollars. On the other hand, there are affordable luxury brands that offer beautifully styled watches for under $200 – so which is a better choice?

Individuals purchase expensive watches as collectors, as a celebratory prize for themselves or as a wonderful gift for a fortunate loved one. It may be that you have received a promotion at work, landed a big deal or even won a sports championship. Celebration with the purchase of an expensive luxury watch like a Rolex certainly denotes the occasion! 

If your budget or inclinations do not allow such an ostentatious purchase however, there are great sources for beautifully styled, classy men’s watches that will provide much pride of ownership and a great look to your wrist without the huge price tag. Buying from a reputable online supplier who provides great customer service, secure purchases and a solid warranty will insure you will not be disappointed by choosing this route.  A great example is The Gatsby watch offered from Viking Watch at :


Top of the line watches arrive in an assortment of brands and styles. From the famous hand-made Swiss brands like Patek Philippe to the more conspicuous brands like the aforementioned Rolex or Tag Heuer and Breitling – these brands are widely recognized and admired due to a long history and a worldwide advertising presence to reinforce their sporting, luxury, masculine brand images.

That large investment for expensive luxury watches has a reasonable explanation behind it - you are paying for the stunning workmanship and the quality of a watch that will last for generations, as well as paying for the dealers in expensive, high class retail locations. And of course you are paying for those worldwide advertising campaigns! But that is what it takes to own the very best luxury products.

On the other hand, many men love the look of nice watches and enjoy building a collection them to be able to wear different fashion looks for different occasions – but they would rather spend less on their watches so they can spend more on other parts of their lives.  The high quality, yet affordable Urban Element watch is a striking looking example of an affordable luxury watch that such men can find under $200:


These men opt for watches that are styled great to look masculine and interesting so they are eye-catching and that also have good availability and sourcing online such that they can be priced affordably and purchased easily. Brand image is less important for these men than to achieve a look they like at a price they are comfortable with – yet they also want to know the quality and service will still make for a safe purchase.

Online watch brands such as Viking Watch can offer a wide range of styles for men’s watches, and still offer dramatically good looking watches with a customer service guarantee and a warranty to insure men can securely purchase confidently. Their watches borrow style points from luxury brands but are sourced from manufacturers in lower cost, more automated environments that enable their lower price point.

Watches such as The French Riviera also from the Viking Premier collection, have upgraded materials for the stainless steel cases and leather bands as well as the automatic movements, that result in a watch that is classically styled in the Portugese tradition and will last for years to come, for under $200.

Other watches can evoke the look of the Breitling (like the Gatsby above) or the Rolex, but with price points much closer to $100, enabling you to build a collection of great looking watches for a fraction of the price of a single expensive luxury watch.

The choice at the end is up to the buyer, but by using reputable online dealers affordable pricing can be had to enable building a collection of great looking luxury watches.

See the best collection of affordable luxury watches here at


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