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The Best Collection of Affordable, Luxury Watches for Men
The Best Collection of Affordable, Luxury Watches for Men
The Best Collection of Affordable, Luxury Watches for Men

In Search of the Correct Watch

Posted on June 27 2018

Although most people do not realize it, time tracking is among the main tasks everyone does in the day. With so many tasks that should be completed in a day and appointments to go to, it is necessary to constantly watch the time to ensure that all is accomplished as scheduled.

Meanwhile, a vast array of watches are available in the market to help you do this. This makes it very hard finding what suits a person best. But is there really a perfect timepiece for you?

It can be overwhelming perusing watches these days. With the extensive selection, we have to pick which color, function and band type is right for us. Thus, buying a watch could be a complicated experience. Let’s briefly look at the options.

You should know the answer these questions before purchasing a watch. In this way, you can narrow down your selection process and save yourself some time and make the right choice.

1. What is your price limit? 

2. Are you planning to use the watch every day or just for special occasions?

3. What type of watch fits your lifestyle best – digital or analog, automatic or quartz movement?

  1. Would you prefer the band of your watch to be made of stainless steel, rubber, leather or nylon?
  2. Will a Plexiglass crystal be fine with you or the old-fashioned mineral crystal? How about the highly scratch-resistant imitation sapphire crystal?

These are economic, style, functionality and comfort choices and of course your personal preference dictates the answers.

Here are some thoughts to assist you on some of these variables.

If you want a casual timepiece, we would recommend digital as it has a liquid crystal display or light emitting diode display that shows time in a numeric figure and these watches are usually durable, more waterproof and have more functions available. Generally, most sport watches will be digital and come also with more casual styles of rubber or nylon watch bands, although a metal band is also an option for a great look. Dual digital and analog styles are also available for a great combination look along with an LED backlight that will enable reading the watch in the dark. Because of the display and functions, these watches will have quartz movements and need a battery change annually.

Modern smart watches can even combine the functions of a digital watch and the look of an analog watch, however, these tend to be somewhat bulky, require software apps to function properly and of course they need to be in range of your smartphone to talk to via Bluetooth which requires re-synching when you go out of range and come back. These watches also need to be re-charged often.

In contrast, pure analog watches are more conventional and stylish, since they contain a face that consists of hour and minute pointers, and Roman numerals, numbers, or symbols that show a 12-hour day which allows for many design options. These are the watches of choice to wear at work and when dating or just out on the town.

Meanwhile, a watch may have an electronic or mechanical movement that also determines the price and quality. 

Mechanical watches utilize a movement that has a tiny pendulum and an internal spring to wind up and store energy through a string of multifaceted gears. As a result, they require no battery to replace and for a watch that is worn daily, manual winding will not be required as they will automatically wind from your arm motion. Due to the workmanship involved in the creation of these movements, they are usually more expensive.

On the other hand, an analog quartz or electronic watch accurately keeps time via the constant beat of an impeccably cut crystal. These are powered through a battery, and as a result, they are normally less costly, lighter weight and thinner, although the battery will have to be replaced annually.

Having thought through these topics, you now know what is likely the right type of watch for you and you can now go looking for the one that really catches your eye as to the styling. With so many choices, a collection of watches to suit different needs and activities and outfits is many times peoples’ choice, requiring a reasonably priced supplier to buy from.

Online suppliers like have a broad range of styles and types, priced affordably to enable men to build their affordable luxury collection to suit their needs. Their shop will also enable you to search their collection easily by the movement type, band material type and size of the watch, making it very easy to narrow down the choices to the watches that you would like to choose a style from.

You can visit their entire collection of watches and sort it here:


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